Monday, 17 December 2012


Sorry my blog is such a mess. I need to figure out what I am going to do with this blog. So far I am just trying. I am writing what is in my mind.

To day I will pass a tip on to you!
Some times when I am knitting flat - with a lot of stitches on a circular needle (see below) - i feel that the work is dragging down and making the work harder and heavier than neccasary. I constantly have to pull it up closer to the working end of the needle tip. But then one day I figured that I could use the cord stopper I always have in my tool-box.

And do you know why I have it in my tool box (I actually have 2)? I got it from an American knitter who use them as the bump at one end of double pointed needles so that they become domino-needles. Smart isn't it?

Sunday, 2 December 2012


I was am quite caught entrelac - but I did it my way - the domino-way so to speak!
I loved it so much that I have already started a new greyish tunic (below). I also love to wear it and the climate here right now is exactly for knitted garments.
My son gave me this mannequin - I call her my new assistent - and she is easy to photograph as she looks good - she does not move and she does not complain. But in December it is really dark even though it is almost 10 o'clock in the morning you cannot see much.
I succeeded in this photo of my coming tunic in greyish colors with Goldenrod. Here you can actually see the stars from the old nightshirts. I have lots of ideas for the Vivian type of entrelac. It is fun and - as you may know - I love squares. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012



As I am working on a book for a Japanese publisher, I experiment and here is a story of my last knitting-game.
Ever since 1993 I have worked with domino-knitting. I love it and I will always enjoy working with domino - it has become a way of thinking knitting for me. Knitting is simply not just casting on so and so many stitches on a circular needle. No, it is working my way in any direction creating all sorts of shapes. I have never tried entrelac as I have always been shown that it goes horizontally and you have to knit all the squares in a row. I find that boring. But since I figured that I could knit entrelac in a domino-way - it opened up for me and I am now having fun with entrelac.

My friend Susanna Hansson (
told me about this book: Entrelac by Rosemary Drysdale. I do have several books telling about entrelac, but this book really made a difference for me. I was mainly attracted to it because the front cover was so nice and colourful, but also because it had this step by step instruction that I could follow. She work her way from the right to the left - one row of squares and then the opposite. But since I now know how it is done - I can make it my way. I can simply knit almost from where I want to where I want - one square at the time, not a row of squares.
The book cover tells the story of why it is smart to work in rows - as you do not need to cut yarn between squares. But since I weave in my tails as I go it does not matter - and my squares are bigger. 
So here to the right is a garter square, then a square with a star on top and the third square (with a star) to the left etc.
I use the Clover Point Protectors (left) so that I can insert my double pointed needle into stitches from a square from whatever direction and then place the Point Protector. Easy!!!
On the picture to the right I just used straight needles, but using double pointed needles and Point Protectors are smarter.

I don't know what I will use this technique for - I just played with it and we will see what will happen in the future.

Knitting is about having fun - isn't it?


Monday, 24 September 2012

A Beautiful Model

I am so proud that I have gotten a Dutch dealer: Janeth Boers. Janeth knitted my design:
WING SHAWL and she used her daughter as a model and here is her picture - isn't it beautiful. I just love this picture.

Thank you so much Janeth and your sweet daughter.

Monday, 23 July 2012

A firm and nice cast on

As I am working my way through old ways of casting on - I made up this cast-an. I am sure taht American knitters know it already as you know so many cast-ons.
I will never forget the fist time I taught a class in the US and I said: "Cast on 29 stitches" and they asked me: What cast on do you want us to use?
In Denmark we have all learned the same cast on - "the two strand cast on" or whatever you call it. But you know so many cast on's.

I must say - the Danish knitters are getting there.

OK - lets get started - make an e-loop around your left hand index finger. 

Now turn it around counterclockwise and place it on the right hand needle.

Continue adding stitches to the right hand needle this way and you will get a real firm and nice start of your work.

Let me know if you know a name of this cast on - please?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

On top of the entrance door is this beautiful relief behind glass. It makes me very happy and when the sun shines from the west it mirrors on the opposite wall.

Night shirt book

Back to reality ... I am here to work on my night shirt book. I enjoy to alternately work and go for a walk in the nature here. I actually get a lot done.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Blog No 1 from Skagen, Denmark

Here is Klitgården seen from Skagen
I really think it is time for me to start a blog.
I am not really comfortable with  it, but I hope I will learn by doing. So why not - just get started.

I am now in Klitgården on a 2 week retreat. I love to have peace and quite here. It is absolutely the best ever condition for work. The house is beautifully restored respecting the history of the house and with the orginal furnitures and decoration. It is a privilege to be here.
The house was built and owned by king Christian X and his wife Alexandrine. They spent time here every summer for quite many years. But since year 2000 the house has been a retreat for scientists and artists.

See more here