Monday, 23 July 2012

A firm and nice cast on

As I am working my way through old ways of casting on - I made up this cast-an. I am sure taht American knitters know it already as you know so many cast-ons.
I will never forget the fist time I taught a class in the US and I said: "Cast on 29 stitches" and they asked me: What cast on do you want us to use?
In Denmark we have all learned the same cast on - "the two strand cast on" or whatever you call it. But you know so many cast on's.

I must say - the Danish knitters are getting there.

OK - lets get started - make an e-loop around your left hand index finger. 

Now turn it around counterclockwise and place it on the right hand needle.

Continue adding stitches to the right hand needle this way and you will get a real firm and nice start of your work.

Let me know if you know a name of this cast on - please?


  1. It's called the single backward loop cast on.

  2. There's an extra twist compared to the backward loop cast on: maybe it's in this new book: I haven't got my hands on it yet = 211 ways to cast on and bind off

  3. I've always called it twisted e-loop. Good idea to look it up in one of those new books. I have both...when I have time to look.