Sunday, 2 December 2012


I was am quite caught entrelac - but I did it my way - the domino-way so to speak!
I loved it so much that I have already started a new greyish tunic (below). I also love to wear it and the climate here right now is exactly for knitted garments.
My son gave me this mannequin - I call her my new assistent - and she is easy to photograph as she looks good - she does not move and she does not complain. But in December it is really dark even though it is almost 10 o'clock in the morning you cannot see much.
I succeeded in this photo of my coming tunic in greyish colors with Goldenrod. Here you can actually see the stars from the old nightshirts. I have lots of ideas for the Vivian type of entrelac. It is fun and - as you may know - I love squares. 


  1. Hvor er det bare flot. Jeg kan også strikke Entrelac, men var ikke lige obs på at der også kunne strikkes mønstre i de små firkanter. Genialt fundet på.

    Kh. Lis

    1. Tak skal du have - det er i hvert fald sjovt - og der er mange muligheder forude.