Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Japan in Stubbekøbing

Every once in a while I receive interesting stuff from Japan - I am very grateful!
The above photo shows from the left the Vogue Magazine: Keito Dama - a magazine I read in details.
I dont understand Japanese though - but I read all the photos closely and love it.
2 books are both written by Akiyo Murono. The center book is: Knitting Lace. I helped her finding old patterns from old Danish books and some of them needed translation as the patterns were not charted.
The other book is full of nice small things such as mittens, scarves, a tie, a skirt etc.  
A few days ago I got a parcel from Clover. I were excited. It is always interesting to see what they have figured out. I love the crochet hooks. I immidiately casted my old crochet hooks aside. My new hooks are so colorful and good appealing, so that I felt like crocheting right away.
To the left are 2 circular stitch holders. I am not sure I will ever use them. Tell me if you know how to use them? In the center is elastic thread for ribbing.

My absolute favorite tool are the 2 needles. They look like knitting machine needles. You can easily slide the yarn in the opening and there you are - the needle is ready to use. I am absolute crazy about these needles and they immidiately found their way to my tool box.

The green (and purple) sheep are meant to sekure the double pointed needles when you are knitting socks. They are cute, so they were placed in my sock-knitting right away.
I have noticed that all these tools are available in the US, but if you want to buy them in Denmark - please ask you shop to order them from Villy Jensen, who can get them from Clover in Japan.


  1. Det var da også to skønne pakker du har fået med posten. Det fine lace mønster på forsiden af bogen er så yndigt.

    Det er nyt at der er strømpepindeholder fra Clover og nålen er også rigtig fin. Mon ikke der er nogen som har det med på Messen i Middelfart.

    Kh. Lis

  2. Hi Viv,
    Those funny-looking stitch holders are actually very useful when you want to put a lot of stitches aside for a while - perhaps to use the needle for something else, or to knit the beginning of the second sock - anytime you want to leave your knitting "open" while doing something else with the needles. you slide the needle part through the stitches and then lock it into the little plug-like thing with two holes. The open stitches rest on the plastic cable. Much easier than using dental floss as I used to do to hold stitches.